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Some signs Spring is finally arriving

Honestly, have you had enough of Winter yet?   I love all the seasons and enjoy snow and cold crisp days but enough is enough.   In 12 years of being here at The Carisbrooke Inn I can’t remember days as cold as some were this winter.   Maybe I have a short memory but lets face it, it was chilly and snowy.   I had to break out my snow blower more times than I would like to have.

Well yesterday I was walking back into the Inn and noticed the first signs of Spring.   Some flowers blooming and the weather has been mild now for a few days in a row.     Springtime is one of my favorite times here on the Jersey Shore.   The weather builds your anticipation for better days, warm sunshine and nice breezes.   The beach and boardwalk are still relatively empty so you can take walks and feel like you are the only person here.   Everything starts to come alive, the days get longer, stores and restaurants open for more days and longer days.    Life gets busy again and everyone is in anticipation of the hot and hectic Summer.     We hope to see you here and that you have a chance to enjoy our little slice of paradise here on the NJ Shore.

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