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Last night I was invited in Hard Rock Cafe Event as part of Concierge Association . I heard from alot of friends that i have from Europe that used to be there before that you can see amazing artifacts and staff are really nice , and yeees , i experienced it too . A great selection of artifacts on display , quick prompt service and very very friendly and lovely staff . Fun atmosphere with people from the Concierge , good food ,we had pastas and pizza , pizza slices were amazing .

We dined indoors and the area was very pleasant and we enjoyed it with other people to talk about alot of stuff .

If you wanna take a casino break , Hard Rock Cafe is the great place to do it ,  for the usual great music , good food and drink and you can also buy t-shirts from the merchandise shop.

I’m excited that this location was able to stay opened even though the Taj Mahal is shut down. I heard some great news that Hard Rock Cafe bought the place and they gonna open it next year in the summer time . Yoohooo amazing !


The Hard Rock Cafe is a must stop ! Located right on the Boardwalk, facing the ocean ..


Labinot Krasniqi

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